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18” x 24”
5 Colour Silk Screen Print
Edition 50

*Please take note that the colors on the actual print differ slightly from both the digital image provided by the artist and the photographs shown below (due to the lighting settings during the product shoot).


"Freyja is the goddess most commonly associated with sexuality, love and beauty in Norse mythology. Widely sought and counseled by both mortals and other deities in matters of love and fertility, she is the archetypical practitioner of Norse shamanism known as seidr and could alter and sway the course of destinies by controlling and manipulating the desires, health, and prosperity of those who wished it. Her spirit of love and devotion can be seen in her husband, Óðr's, absence, when she sheds tears of red gold in heartache and grief for her lost partner.

A goddess of war as well as love, Freyja rules with her boar Hildisvíni over Fólkvangr; a field of eternal combat where an equal half of those slain in battle go on to fight again in the afterlife. The other half being those sent to Odin’s great hall Valhalla in Asgard." - Jesse Schaller


About Jesse Schaller
Working out of Upstate New York, Jesse strives to create commercial artworks through traditional pen & ink techniques primarily for, but not limited to bands and brands in the underground metal, hardcore, rock and associated subcultures. Specialties include record covers, logos, poster, apparel, merch design, and all manner of illustrated graphic art intricate or unadorned.

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